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If you currently have a CCTV system we can provide routine servicing of your equipment to help reduce wear and tear. If you have a faulty CCTV system we can provide the maintenance and repair of the systems you have.
If you would like to upgrade your existing system to use more efficient and effective equipment, we are here to help

| Security System Installation
The reasons many companies require CCTV for their business operations are growing day by day. Naturally, prevention of theft will be number one on any business owner’s list. But as today’s society becomes more complex, seemingly more divided and more volatile at times, employee safety and well-being, not to mention an employer’s duty of care, mean that more cameras or perhaps better placed cameras, can only be a good thing.
The protection that comes with CCTV comes in many forms. Not only are businesses looking for safeguarding from theft, vandalism and violence; these same security products can prove useful for catching out scammers and fraudulent activity.
Securico CCTV is an established CCTV installation company offering business security systems for retail outlets, offices, warehouses and all commercial operations at competitive prices.

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